Where Zendaya and Kate Moss Go for a Dose of Ibiza Style

Where Zendaya and Kate Moss Go for a Dose of Ibiza Style

Annie’s Ibiza, a boutique tucked away within the castle that is part of old Ibiza Town, for a while was an under-the-radar treasure trove of mostly vintage party frocks. Since it opened in 2018, celebrities like Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Paris Hilton and the mother-daughter models Kate and Lila Moss have all made regular pilgrimages to the store to find head-turning pieces.

But these days, their secret is out. Annie Doble, 31, the store’s founder, went from avoiding the news media to courting it as she expanded her business to include a second location in London, which opened in 2021, and a line of glamorous clothes designed by Ms. Doble, which she introduced last year at London Fashion Week.

Dresses from the line have since been worn by celebrities like Zendaya, Sienna Miller and Dakota Johnson, propelling Ms. Doble into a new fashion echelon. She is no longer just a buzzy merchant but also a designer on the rise.

Ms. Doble’s clothes are made with deadstock fabrics and other leftover materials, which helps give them a timeless feel akin to that of the vintage pieces she made her name selling. Using finite resources for her designs also gives them more of a one-of-a-kind quality, she said.

From left, the actress Sienna Miller; Annie Doble, the founder of Annie’s Ibiza; and Camille Charriere, an influencer, all wore pieces designed by Ms. Doble at a party last month in Scotland.Credit...via Annie's Ibiza

Ms. Doble, left, and the supermodel Kate Moss at the Annie’s Ibiza store in London.Credit...via Annie's Ibiza

“We make everything out of whatever deadstock we have,” Ms. Doble said in a recent interview at her London store. “As soon as that’s finished, that’s that. We don’t make anymore.”

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