The livetvuk.com site is a virtual media tool that offers the opportunity to watch live TV since its inception. The livetvuk.com site, which shares live broadcasts instantly, does not accept the recording, archiving of live broadcasts, and the elements that will disrupt the live broadcast. The broadcasts in question are presented in the same way on the livetvuk.com site as they are presented in the television environment. We are honored to do our best for you to watch the channels in HD quality. The livetvuk.com site, designed from the ground up to be user-oriented, has adopted the principle of being fast and rarely advertised. The channels on the main page are generally sorted according to their viewing rates. The adventure that started with the most preferred channels gradually shifted to channels with less viewership. We would be grateful to you if you let us know about the problems that may occur in the broadcasts. Your feedback and opinions are important for us to provide seamless service to users. The livetvuk.com live tv site, which provides the opportunity to watch wireless and satellite broadcasts anywhere at any time of the day, tries to provide uninterrupted service. We put a few ads in between to cover the costs and update in order to provide better service. Please do not be disturbed by advertisements, the internet network and websites can develop thanks to advertisements. Without ads these days, it would be impossible to find so many resources on the internet. We also created different categories on our site. You can watch the channels you choose in these categories by choosing the one that interests you or the one close to you.


Yes, I can hear you asking the question why watch live TV when there is TV. Namely, the channels determined by the satellite channels or paid broadcasting companies for the users are fixed. Apart from this, serious monthly payments are reflected under the label they launch as premium. In Internet TV, this is not the case. Watching live broadcast channels from all over the world is not a problem for your budget. AKK (Fair Usage Quota), which was abolished in 2019, caused us to reach better conditions in the internet age. Now that the quota is not likely to be full, you can concentrate on the word "watch live broadcasts" on the internet as you wish. All Channels Free All channels broadcast in the virtual environment are shared free of charge in HD quality through our site. We would be glad if you let us know the channels that are not broadcast as a result of some problems with the no broadcast button that we put under them. The livetvuk.com site, which offers free and HD quality TV channels, also shares the most popular TV channels simultaneously. Its time to forget about the websites that youve been trying to sign up to watch TV but havent been able to get any results.


Live TV has become a frequently sought and demanded form of television in recent years. As livetvuk.com, we meet this demand and offer this guide to internet users. At the same time, thanks to this service, our users can follow these programs without the need for a youtube login.